British Airways traveller ‘arrested’ while trying to board plane wearing 10 shirts and eight pairs of trousers

A passenger waiting to board a British Airways flight was arrested while wearing eight pairs of trousers and 10 shirts.

Ryan Carney Williams, who tweets under the name Ryan Hawaii, apparently wore all of his clothes so he could avoid the excess baggage fee.

However, Ryan claims he was denied a boarding pass at Keflavik airport in Iceland as he tried to make his way to the UK.

Ryan tweeted to British Airways: “Hi being held at Iceland Keflavik airport because I had no baggage put all the clothes on and they still won’t let me on. Racial profiling? Or…..”

He later posted videos which showed him asking employees why he wasn’t allowed to board the plane and later claimed to have been arrested and sprayed with mace after refusing to leave.

Ryan claimed he was later released but was refused entry onto an EasyJet flight because of the previous incident.

He tweeted: “And AGAIN! Refused from 2 flights in 2 days for no valid reason.”

British Airways said Ryan was turned away for being rude and later called security when he refused to leave the desk, according to Icelandic news site Mbl.

Ryan, who later managed to return to the UK on a Norwegian Airlines flight, said he was refunded by EasyJet and BA.

A British Airways spokesperson told Yahoo News UK: “We give our customers a wide range of fares to choose from to meet their needs.

“Our hand baggage only fares from Iceland are as low as £47 each way, and are designed for customers who are travelling without any hold baggage.

“We do understand that our customers’ plans can change so they can choose to pay a fee at the airport if they need an extra bag.

“We explained our policy to our customer, and offered him an alternative flight to London.”

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