EasyJet passenger turned away at gate – because airline gave someone else her seat

A YOUNG woman boarding an EasyJet flight was turned away at the gate – because they’d given another passenger her seat.

Ellen Marandola, 20, was flying to Sardinia from London Stansted last Friday with a friend, but was told at the last minute that she would not be able to board the plane.

According to The Independent, the two friends had spent £283 on return flights, plus AirBnB accommodation for three nights in the Sardinian capital of Cagliari.

But despite checking in without any issues – and being allocated seats 1A and 1B – Ellen told the website that she was instructed that she couldn’t fly because her seat was broken and that she should wait at the gate in case another passenger failed to show up.

The airline later revealed that it was another passenger’s seat that was broken – seat 7A – but because they had already boarded the plane, they were given Ellen’s seat.

They added that Ellen was chosen to bump because she checked in last.

EasyJet claim that they made an announcement asking for volunteers to be bumped but Ellen and her friend said that they did not hear anything.

When Ellen’s friend asked to disembark from the plane so he could be with his friend, the airline told him that they would not rearrange a new flight for him.

According to Ellen’s mother, the airline then only offered a replacement flight that involved a stopover in mainland Italy before flying on to Sardinia the following day – despite there being other options that would have taken her directly to Cagliari that night.

She also claims that he daughter was not offered compensation.

The airline told The Independent: “[We are] sorry that Ms Marandola was not able to travel the flight to Cagliari on 3 August.

“Our customer service team at the airport offered alternative flight options to her, including with other airlines.

“However Ms Marandola told them that she did not want to take one of these flights.

“We also explained the compensation she would be entitled to and will be contacting her to arrange this.”

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