Google Flights app now tells customers if flight and hotel fares are a good deal – by rating them ‘hot’ or ‘cold’

THE Google flights app has unveiled a new detail that will help holidaymakers to decide whether to book their flights and hotels now, or wait until later.

The new feature will alert them if a deal is “hot” – or “cold” – via a thermometer-like gauge, so they can make a call on when to book.

No more sitting around and waiting until next week or month to see if prices go down.

Deals on flights

The app uses traffic light-style colours so you can instantly see if a deal is good or bad.

Red means that the prices are higher than usual (cold) and it’s probably worth waiting it out to see if they drop.

The app also now tells you if the hotel deal you’re looking at is good in the location that you’re looking at

Yellow means that a deal is typical, so it may be worth waiting a little while longer to see if prices get lower.

Green is the holy grail and if you see a flight lit up as green, it may be a good idea to book pronto as the deal is “hot”.

Deals on hotels

When it comes to browsing for hotel rooms, the app offers tips such as booking a day earlier or a day later so that you can get a cheaper deal.

By putting in the area where you want to stay, the app will be able to tell if rates are falling or rising there, so you can make the call on whether to wait it out for that elusive deal.

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