Malaysia Airlines flight MH122 to Kuala Lumpur forced to make emergency landing in Alice Springs

A Malaysia Airlines flight MH122 travelling from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur has been forced to make an emergency landing at Alice Springs.

The airline released a statement on Thursday night saying Flight MH122 was diverted for “technical reasons”.

“The A330-300 aircraft safely landed in Alice Springs Airport at 5.48pm,” the statement said.

“MH122 departed Sydney Airport at 1.06pm and was scheduled to arrive Kuala Lumpur at 6.30pm the same day.”

“Safety at all times is Malaysia Airlines’ number one priority. The airline will provide more updates as soon as more information is made available.”

Chin Kanani’s wife was on board the flight. He told SBS News that she was “very scared” when told of the plans to emergency land the plane.

“She was on the toilet when she started hearing the noise, and that’s where there was the announcement made that they were shutting down the engine because of technical problems, and that they are heading back to Alice Springs,” he said.

“She said it was one of the worst freights of her life and that she was very scared. She was crying when she called me, she called as soon as they landed in Alice springs.

“I was really scared hearing her voice, but I’m glad they landed safely. They were told by the crew to be prepared for an emergency landing and brace yourself because the landing might not be very smooth.”

Mr Kanani said the passengers were still waiting at the airport as of late on Thursday night, and would eventually be put up into an hotel.

Madhu Alasyam took to Twitter to say he was “scared as hell” by the ordeal.

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