Mother and daughter, 7, covered in bed bug bites after British Airways flight

A mum has claimed her family was besieged by bed bugs on board a British Airways flight, which left her seven-year-old daughter’s legs bloody and sore.

Heather Szilagyi, 38, was travelling from Vancouver to London Heathrow with her daughter and fiancé when she noticed something small moving around her seat.

She said it was dark on board their stopover flight, but she soon realised the small critters were actually bed bugs.

She made flight attendants aware of her disturbing discovery, but they were told there were no seats available to move her, her daughter Molly and fiancé Eric Neilson.

To make things worse, the family was on their way to Slovenia for a funeral, and were just stopping over in London.

Heather Szilagyi shared pictures of Molly’s bites to (Picture: Heather Szilagyi)

Heather told ‘It was kind of dark, but I saw something moving and hoped to god it was a spider.

‘It wasn’t. It crawled back behind the TV screen before I could grab it. The next one fell on my pillow that was on my lap.

I hoped that one was a flax seed or an apple seed. Then it started crawling. That was the bug I gave to the flight attendant.

‘You almost never feel them biting. They’re very small. You don’t know you got bit until later, sometimes a couple days later.’

Heather said a few of her daughter’s bites popped up on her thigh right after they arrived at Heathrow.

But the next day she said she and her daughter woke up ‘absolutely covered’ in bites. She said some of them were so sore they started bleeding.

Molly was ‘absolutely covered’ in bites (Picture: Heather Szilagyi)

She said: ‘Some can take up to two days to pop up which is unnerving because then you think maybe you brought some with you.

‘So we spent all week washing clothes and drying on heaters and with hair dryers. The places we stayed at didn’t have dryers.’

On their return flight home with British Airways, Heather said her family was put on the best seats on the plane and received ‘kind and very empathetic’ customer service.

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