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Delta passengers are forced to sit helplessly in their seats as water drips onto them for the ENTIRE flight from Atlanta to Florida

Delta passengers had to sit helplessly as water dripped onto them from the plane’s ceiling on a flight from Atlanta to Florida on Friday morning. Video, filmed by a passenger, captured travelers holding magazines above them in an effort to control the trickle of water. Flight attendants allegedly didn’t address the issue until the flight […]

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Ryanair passengers attack airline about seat allocations on Twitter

As the peak season for flying approaches, Ryanair’s seating policy is being heavily criticised on social media by passengers who find themselves split up from their travelling companions. In just four minutes on Twitter, a remarkable amount of vitriol was aimed at Europe’s biggest budget airline. “Disgraceful new low by Ryanair – ‘randomly’ giving us […]

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Baby Requires Medical Treatment After Overheating On Delayed United Airlines Flight

A Colorado woman says United Airlines and personnel at the Denver International Airport didn’t act quickly enough when her four-month-old son became overheated on a delayed flight and needed medical attention. The Denver Post reports the woman claims the airline and airport crews were unprepared for a medical emergency and delayed her son in getting treatment […]