United Airlines Refuses To Let Emotional Support Peacock On Flight

United Airlines employees at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey recently told a passenger that her emotional support peacock wouldn’t be able to accompany her on her flight.

It may sound bizarre to bring a peacock on a plane, but give the woman credit for persistence: She reportedly tried several times to get the bird on board and even offered to buy a separate ticket for it, but airline employees nixed every request, according to the travel blog Live and Let Fly. The passenger’s identity was not released. 

“This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size,” United said in a statement to Fox News. “We explained this to the customers on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport.” 

United told Business Insider that passengers need to “provide documentation from a medical professional and at least 48 hours advance notice” before bringing an emotional support animal onto a flight. 

As you might expect, many people rushed to Twitter in an attempt to understand what it all means.

Others suggested that needing an emotional support peacock in the first place was a sign of deeper issues.

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